This shop sells materials that have been used in an ALPS rated "1" college (2019 results) for the results achieved in Key Stage 5 in BTEC Nationals Extended Certificate in Information technology, and in KS4, BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology. Key Stage 4 resources now available for the three components of the BTEC Tech Award in Digital and information technology course. Email:

zip, 70.89 MB
zip, 70.89 MB

This is a resource created to assist in the delivery of Component 3 in the BTEC Tech Award Digital information technology, Level 1/ 2 qualification. The folder contains 35 presentations that can be used by teachers to deliver the required theory for the exam.


  • A1 Modern technologies*

    • Communication technologies
    • Features and uses of cloud storage
    • Features and uses of cloud computing
    • How the selection of platforms and services impacts on the use of cloud technologies
    • How cloud and ‘traditional’ systems are used together
    • Implications for organisations when choosing cloud technologies
  • A2 Impact of modern technologies*

    • Changes to modern teams facilitated by modern technologies• How modern technologies can be used to manage modern teams
    • How organisations use modern technologies to communicate with stakeholders
    • How modern technologies aid inclusivity and accessibility
    • Positive and negative impacts of modern technologies on organisations in terms of
    • Positive and negative impacts of modern technologies on individuals
  • B1 Threats to data*

    • Why systems are attacked
    • External threats (threats outside the organisation) to digital systems and data security
    • Internal threats (threats within the organisation) to digital systems and data security
    • Impact of security breach
  • B2 Prevention and management of threats to data*

    • User access restriction
    • Data level protection
    • Finding weaknesses and improving system security
  • B3 Policy*

    • Defining responsibilities
    • Defining security parameters
    • Disaster recovery policy
    • Actions to take after an attack
  • C1 Responsible use*

    • Shared data (location-based data, transactional data, cookies, data exchange
      between services)
    • Environmental
  • C2 Legal and ethical*

    • Importance of providing equal access to services and information:
    • Net neutrality and how it impacts on organisations
    • The purpose and use of acceptable use policies
    • Blurring of social and business boundaries
    • Data protection principles
    • Data and the use of the internet
    • Dealing with intellectual property
    • The criminal use of computer systems
  • D1 Forms of notation*

    • Understand how organisations use different forms of notation to explain systems, data
      and information

The resources include a wide range of exercises for students to complete but can obviously be altered to suit the needs of different ability groups or particular local examples.



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9 months ago

Need more tasks and more details, very little on slides to help the students. Absolute waste of £30

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