Chemistry Marking Stickers
19 Different Marking Stickers!
Made to help save time writing the same comments in every book, these also have a greater impact on pupil attention thanks to their bright colours and pictures. They also went down really well during a recent inspection!
I have included both a PDF and Word version, (I use a Mac so there may be some reformatting of the later required on PC), so you can make alterations to better suit your classes.
I've designed them with a large white boarder around the outside to help save printing 'faff'. To go on a 21 page of stickers (7 x 3).
Comments include:
Always use arrows in chemistry equations
Cations are pussytive
Fill the innermost shells first
Mass number is the more MASSIVE number next to an element on the periodic table
To work out the number of neutrons...

Please let me know if there are any others you would like me to add.
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  • Always-use-an-arrow-in-chemistry-equations.docx
  • Fill-the-innermost-shells-first.docx
  • Mass-number.docx
  • Can-you-add-the-correct-units.docx
  • Can-you-think-of-any-key-words.docx
  • To-work-out-the-number-of-neutrons.docx
  • Underline-your-titles.docx
  • Use-a-pencil.docx
  • Well-done-you-can-calculate-nos-of-subatomic-particles.docx
  • If-you-get-stuck-with-your-homework.docx
  • Teachers-Seal-of-Approval-A-superb-effort.docx
  • P-for-proton-neu-for-neutral.docx
  • The-Group-is-the-same-as-the-number-of-outermost-electrons.docx
  • Reactants-on-the-left-products-on-the-right.docx
  • Roy-G-Biv.docx
  • The-H-in-pH-should-always-be-a-CAPITAL.docx
  • Well-done-for-including-so-many-key-words.docx
  • Always-use-an-arrow-in-chemistry-equations.pdf
  • Cations-are-pussytive.pdf
  • Fill-the-innermost-shells-first.pdf
  • Mass-number.pdf
  • Can-you-add-the-correct-units.pdf
  • Can-you-think-of-any-key-words.pdf
  • To-work-out-the-number-of-neutrons.pdf
  • Underline-your-titles.pdf
  • Use-a-pencil.pdf
  • Well-done-you-can-calculate-nos-of-subatomic-particles.pdf
  • If-you-get-stuck-with-your-homework.pdf
  • Teachers-Seal-of-Approval-A-superb-effort.pdf
  • P-for-proton-neu-for-neutral.pdf
  • The-Group-is-the-same-as-the-number-of-outermost-electrons.pdf
  • Reactants-on-the-left-products-on-the-right.pdf
  • Roy-G-Biv.pdf
  • The-H-in-pH-should-always-be-a-CAPITAL.pdf
  • Well-done-for-including-so-many-key-words.pdf
  • Cations-are-pussytive.docx
  • Electron-Arrangement-288-Learning-Chemistry-is-Great.pdf
  • Electron-Arrangement-288-Learning-Chemistry-is-Great.docx

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