Colouring by Exponentials and Logarithms, Woody (3 versions, 12 sheet mosaics)
Highly Engaging!! Students apply their knowledge of logarthm properties and exponent laws to solve equations and application word problems. They use their answers to decode the colour key needed to colour their section of the large 12-section Woody mosaic.

Three versions are included!
◾ Logarithmic Functions (simplifying using log laws, evaluating expressions, word problems about dB levels, and caffeine levels)
◾ Exponential Functions (solve equations where: both sides can be expressed as powers of the same base, logarthms are required, quadratic type exponential equations like 2^2x - 3(2)^x - 4 = 0, word problems involving half life, and compounding interest)
◾ Exponential and Logarithmic Equations (a variety of equation types, no word problems)

Every student has a different worksheet! The end result will look spectacular hanging up in your classroom :) This makes a great unit summative assessment or test-prep review! I designed it for my MHF4U Advanced Functions grade 12 math class as a unit summative for the Exponential and Logarithmic Functions unit.

INCLUDED: (in both .docx and .pdf format)
◾ 3 class sets of 12 worksheet mosaics (eachs sheet is unique!). Each set combines to create the mosaic of Woody
◾ Complete answer key, giving the answers for all worksheets (easy assessment!)
◾ Teaching Tips page for smooth implementation in your class
◾ Coloured mosaic guide for easy assembly
◾ Scrambled answers list at the bottom of each student's worksheet, allowing for self assessment.
◾ Handy formulas provided on students' worksheets
◾ "Type of Problems" sequence that each worksheet follows, included for each version.

Encourage students to check all their answers by finding them in the scrambled list at the bottom of their worksheet before they colour. This will increase the accuracy of the final picture!

All my collaborative math mosaics use standard pencil-crayon colours found in the Crayola 24 pack. For best results, use the exact colour name match, colour darkly, and stick to one colouring medium (i.e. don't mix crayons with markers with pencil crayons...). Perhaps a class set of pencil crayons would be a fun math department investment!

If your class size doesn’t line up with 12, no worries! You can make two mosaics, or hand out duplicate sheets to those less likely to appreciate the colouring component of the task ;) (I plan to create a 20 sheet version of this task in the future as well)

Feedback, suggestions, and frontline stories are always welcomed!

"You've got a friend in math"
~CalfordMath (

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