Countdown calendars to the GCSE maths foundation and higher exams

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Run from the start of the Easter holidays (for some schools anyway!) Monday 10th April, to the final GCSE exam on Tuesday 13th June.
All the questions require a calculator.
Answers included.

Updated 04.04.17 - 'hypotenuse' missing from one of the trig questions

NOTE: The font on the powerpoint headers is ObelixPro which can be downloaded from
I've included a PDF version so it can be printed as intended :)


  • GCSE-Foundation-Calculator-Paper-Calendar-2017.pdf
  • GCSE-Foundation-Calculator-Paper-Calendar-2017.pptx
  • GCSE-Higher-Calculator-Paper-Calendar-2017.pdf
  • GCSE-Higher-Calculator-Paper-Calendar-2017.pptx

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    user avatarmattdavey917 months agoreport

    Amazing resource, must have taken you ages! Thanks for sharing and for free too!

    • user avatarEm81Reply from Author7 months ago

      No problem at all, I use so many free resources that others have made, I couldn't imagine charging for mine! :)

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    user avatarzara1097 months agoreport

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    user avatareven2917 months agoreport

    Great. I have amended mine to include Thursday 24th August as the GCSE results day.

    • user avatarEm81Reply from Author7 months ago

      Fab idea :)