Some simple booklets I put together for a mixed KS3/4 class of SLD/MLD/ASD students to practice cursive writing and printing. There are 3 similar booklets, one cursive with guide lines, one non-cursive with an underline and one non-cursive with guidelines.
The booklets are symbol/ picture supported and linked to letters and sounds/ phonics. I hope these are of use to someone :) The contents are:
• er
• ar
• or
• aw
• au
• ur
• air
• ear
• ow
• ow
• oi
• ay
• ey
• ea
• ir
• ie
• ue
• ew
See my other booklets: Book 1
Book 3
Edit: due to popular demand I have uploaded an editable version.
For the word document to display properly you will need to ask your search engine for the following fonts:
Non-cursive: Dnealian manuscript, Dnealian manuscript lined, the dotty non-cursive was primer apples.
For the cursive fonts, I used this handy Microsoft word 'add on' from here.
This installs its own fonts called Xccw lined, joined, dotty etc with options for where the letters join such as top or bottom. It's not free though.


  • handwriting booklet 2.pdf
  • handwriting booklet 2 non joined.pdf
  • handwriting booklet 2 non joined lined.pdf
  • handwriting-booklet-2-non-joined-lined.docx
  • handwriting-booklet-2-non-joined.docx
  • handwriting-booklet-2.docx

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