This worksheet is designed to test a variety of pupils skills. These are not exam style question, but should help pupils quickly identify which areas they need to practice. I haven't covered everything, but hopefully a useful starting point!


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    user avatarSBM2 months agoreport

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    user avatarMartaSerna3 months agoreport

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    user avatarmissblilley5 months agoreport

    A great resource to give to pupils revising for their calculator GCSE Maths exams in particular. Gives pupils varied practice and is a quick way to recognise topics they need to brush up on.

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    user avatardeselby6 months agoreport

    Was going to give you a 5-star rating based on your username alone - although the resource was great too. Thanks!

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    user avatareven2917 months agoreport

    Great revision questions, but at this time of year we give the learners the answers. Answers please.

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