*Update* Sorry, someone deleted everything from Dropbox. The videos are back on now! Explanation texts unit... see 'Explanation texts unit plan&' first. Started with Alien Research Centre (hook lesson), then did own Talk for Writing explanation (how does a dishwasher work?); moved on to using Wallace and Gromit &';Cracking Contraptions' videos, chn writing own explanation based on the shared (dishwasher) text. Finally, introduced topic for independent writing, based on the book &'how to catch a star&';. *Planning frame refers to blank one.*


  • explanation texts unit plan.doc
  • alien prompt cards.doc
  • FILPOR P1 NEW.jpg
  • FILPOR P2 NEW.jpg
  • ARC.notebook
  • Cause & effect lit 2.doc
  • cracking contraptionsL1.doc
  • dishwasher map.JPG
  • Dragon Logical Order.doc
  • Expl lesson 2.notebook
  • How does a dishwasher work.doc
  • TfW dishwasher with actions.pdf
  • My  Explanation Plan.doc
  • Link for Explanations videos.docx

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    Thank you for all of your hard work with this - I look forward to teaching it. The Dropbox is empty unfortunately. Is it possible to just say what you used as your video so I can try and find it myself? Thanks

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    user avatarsredjekisn2 months agoreport

    Thanks a lot. They're helpful.

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    user avatar09Harry3 months agoreport

    This all looks great, thanks for sharing. I can't access the videos though as the Dropbox says it is empty.

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    user avataracompton13 months agoreport

    Do you have the Dishwasher Planning frame with pictures at all please? anncompton1607@gmail.com

  • 5
    user avatarHinawski4 months agoreport

    Please can you share the videos you used?