I have been experimenting with QR codes in displays to engage pupils. The posters are of 3 men and 5 women, (Ada Lovelace is with Charles Babbage). Pupils can use QR code scanners on their smart phones to link to a webpage showing more information about the mathematician. This is my first post so let me know if it can be improved!


  • AlanTuring[2] with QR.doc
  • CharlesBabbage[1] with QR.doc
  • DameMaryLucyCartwright[1] with QR.doc
  • MariaGaetanaAgnesi[2] with QR.doc
  • MaryFairfaxSomerville[2] with QR.doc
  • MaryGRoss[2] with QR.doc
  • SirIsaccNewton[2] with QR.doc

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    user avatarhelen_powell9 months agoreport

    Just what I was looking for.

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    Many thanks

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    user avatarClare Dawe2 years agoreport

    They look great - I am thinking of putting them in a folder in my Maths Library for pupils to dip into with the iPads. Looking forward to using them.

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    Perfect, and the QR codes add interest - makes the students stop and look!

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    Brilliant! the QR add volume to the posters. Thank you!!!

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