French Hobbies BUNDLE (Les Passe-Temps)

Hobbies in French Unit BUNDLE (Les Loisirs en Francais / Le Temps Libre) for Upper Primary or Early Secondary. An 86 slide interactive presentation, flashcards, worksheets, puzzle, printable games and activities; enough for multiple lessons to teach and review vocabulary and phrases through speaking, reading and writing activities, and there’s differentiation too. My French basics resources suit students beginning French and near beginners in KS2 (Year 4, 5, 6) and KS3 (Year 7) and equivalents. Please check the previews to see a sample. Full instructions included. All resources are in PDF, apart from the presentation, which is PowerPoint (but it is also included in PDF).

The resources focus on 18 key hobbies / leisure activities (aller au parc, aller au cinema, cuisiner, danser, dessiner, écouter de la musique, faire du camping, faire du jardinage, faire les magasins, faire du patinage, faire de la photographie, jouer de la guitare, jouer du piano, jouer aux jeux de société, jouer sur l’ordinateur, lire, regarder la télé, sortir avec mes amis) and linked questions and answers, such as ‘What do you like to do in your free time?’, phrases linked to opinions and frequency of doing activities.

The 3 packs included in this BUNDLE can be purchased separately if preferred:

French Hobbies Presentation

French Hobbies Worksheets

French Hobbies Games

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This 86 slide presentation introduces and reviews key vocabulary and phrases and includes basic reading comprehension tasks, speaking tasks such as role-plays and a 12-round interactive Reveal the Picture game. Many slides in the original PowerPoint version feature answers that appear when you click, for students to respond. An additional PDF version is included. While the PDF version does not retain the ability for teachers to reveal answers by clicking, it will still help you introduce and review this topic if you do not have PowerPoint where you work. Please note that the interactive Reveal the Picture game is not compatible with PDF and is therefore omitted from that version. Also within the Zip file is a PDF of flashcards, with two on each page. All leisure activities covered in the presentation feature in 4 versions - infinitive and first person versions (‘aller au parc’ / ‘Je vais au parc’), both with and without backgrounds.

7 vocabulary support sheets in different versions to display or print, depending on whether your students require them. Includes key phrases, questions, how to say likes and dislikes, how often etc. Please note these support sheets are included in both the worksheets packet and the games packet.

6 worksheets (with answer keys). Worksheet 1-3 come in one-and two-star versions, with one-star being for lower ability, younger, or less experienced students. Worksheets 4 and 5 are basic comprehension worksheets, with 5 being a little more challenging. They feature different texts and could be used for differentiation or to provide progression for the same students if required. Worksheet 6 is a differentiated crossword puzzle where the clues involve students filling in the blanks in French hobbies phrases beginning with ‘J’aime…’. The one-star version contains a word bank for support. You can print or display the answer key for student self-checking if required.

This is a game to get students out of their seats, having short conversations about recreational activities. There are 36 game cards (2 of each design). Students are given a card each and must move around the room, trying to find the player with the matching card. To find this, one player asks “Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire pendant ton temps libre?”. The other replies with the information on their card (e.g. “J’aime cuisiner et jouer du piano.”). The second player can then ask the same question or use “Et toi?” (“And you?”) before the first player replies with the two activities on their card. If their information matches, they could say “Moi aussi!” (“Me too!”). Students who find their match could sit down to make it easier for remaining players to find their match. Versions included with French and English prompts.

3 different game boards (2 standard boards for practice of hobbies phrases and one for saying how often we do activities). Print and laminate the ones you require. Works well in A3 (11 x 17) for larger groups but A4 (Letter) is good too.

2 different game boards. Print and laminate. First to get four in a row - vertically, horizontally or diagonally - wins. Students roll dice, then choose an activity word from that number column and say it in French. If correct, use a dry-wipe marker to put a symbol or initial in that box (opponents could use a different colour dry-wipe marker), and so on.

Use these 16 different cards for a group game of Bingo in pairs (the teacher or a student could read out French hobby words) or Tic Tac Toe / Noughts and Crosses, with students taking it in turns to say aloud a French hobby word from their card. If cards are laminated, students could write on them with a dry-wipe marker.

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