We were asked to produce a pyramid of literacy type vocabulary and structures. I put this together for KS4 French. It contains various useful items for extending French speaking and Writing, with the English for our more forgetful brethren. i'm sending it in because I felt guilty after downloading so much good stuff, and I thought that this could be adapted and improved easily.


  • French pyramid.doc

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Created: Jun 18, 2009

Updated: Jan 24, 2015

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    This is amazing! A fabulously useful resource - Thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarstathamv2 years agoreport

    Thank you for sharing this - your hard work is much appreciated!

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    user avatarfallysule2 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing this. Very creative! Will appeal to my students,

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    Que Dieu vous benisse pour ces ressources indispensables! Merci bien.

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    user avatarcindycw2 years agoreport

    thank you for sharing!