Geometry Toolbox. Online compass. Classroom tool.

Never again will you have to struggle with those large board compasses, protractor and ruler! Mr Reddy’s Geometry Toolbox allows you to teach constructions and loci with the easy to use online tools. A fantastic resource!


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    akaganovsky3 months agoReport

    just started using, see some shortcomings, major one - no "Save" option. Also labeling tools are non-existent, optional grid, endpoints - all would be a nice addition.

    However, I will still use it and feel great gratitude to the creator of this for sharing. Thanks!

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    hingie2 years agoReport

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    tomctutor2 years agoReport site itself is a treasure trove of resources geared to eLearning activities. The Geometry toolbox shown is definetely a must have for any teacher/lecturer. The only gripe is the lack of a help-file or demo (how2use) on the page - unless I missed it! Just hold down SHIFT key on the keyboard to move the toolbox items around, also I know there is an immediate undo but it would be nice also to have a big-rubber!

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    chris-tarn3 years agoReport

    worked very well in my lesson today, will be using again tomorrow.

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    sunset4 years agoReport

    This is brilliant. I don't really enjoy teaching constructions as I can't demonstrate it to a whole class very easily. This will certainly improve things.

May 30, 2009
Oct 8, 2014