This project has been written with the intention of delivering Enterprise education to pupil’s at Year 4. It is based around the idea of developing and making either a soup or a smoothie and included are some suggested recipes. There is a teacher's PowerPoint version of GeorgesMarvellousMedicine.pdf available from me via email, please ask if you would like it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these resources, particularly as I am in Secondary education rather than Primary education.


  • VegetableSoupRecipe.pdf
  • Brainstorm.pdf
  • Budget.pdf
  • CompareIngredientSources.pdf
  • CostingsTableSmoothie.pdf
  • GeorgesMarvellousMedicine.pdf
  • GlossaryofKeyTerms.pdf
  • howtousethecostingtable.pdf
  • Nationalcurriculumsubjects.pdf
  • ProfitLossAccount.pdf
  • ProgrammeofDelivery.pdf
  • ProjectWriteUp.pdf
  • SchemeofWork.pdf
  • SmoothieRecipe.pdf
  • TasteTesting.pdf
  • TeachersGlossaryofKeyTerms.pdf
  • TeachersGuide.pdf
  • TheCostoftheRecipeFullSheet.pdf
  • TheCostoftheRecipeSoup.pdf
  • TheMarketingMix.pdf

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    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the Tes Resources blog.

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    user avataryusifi5 months agoreport

    Just what I was looking for our enterprise challenge. please could I have the powerpoint? my email
    Many thanks, :)

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    user avatartgmoore17 months agoreport

    Fantastically detailed set of resources! Could I possibly have the powerpoint please? My email is thank you.

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    This is so good :) just what I was looking for! Anyway you could send me the powerpoint too- Thanks

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    user avatarellen17a year agoreport

    Fab! Could I have the ppt please? thanks