There are 12 sets of German Task Cards in this bundle. My students absolutely love challenge cards, and find them really useful for helping them get to grips with their German. Task cards are great for independent learning - students can work at their own pace, in pairs or in small groups, and really focus on the target language.

The questions and templates focus on multi-skill language learning, not focusing solely on the target vocabulary - they provide students with opportunities to apply prior learning, and to encounter more complex language they may not yet have covered formally in class.

There are answer keys and recording sheets for every set, though my students often just use their notebooks for writing their answers. Most sets have a question card template too - this is a really popular activity with my students, and they love to create questions for each other. Additionally, this enables them to apply their developing understanding of German in a very practical and creative way. Several sets also have accompanying vocabulary lists, which are great as a learning support resource, as well as a year-round reference resource. I have a series of challenge cards sets ready to go for my students - they’re a very popular choice for our ’free-choice’ learning time.

Click on the links for detailed challenge card sets descriptions:

Set 1: German Dates, Days, Months & Seasons Task Cards

Set 2: German Numbers 0-31 Task Cards

Set 3: German Christmas Numbers 0-31 Task Cards

Set 4: German Numbers 0-100 Task Cards

Set 5: German Fruits Task Cards

Set 6: German Vegetables Task Cards

Set 7: German Fruits & Vegetables Task Cards

Set 8: German Telling the Time Task Cards : O’clock & Half Past the Hour

Set 9: German Telling the Time Task Cards : Range of Analog Clock Times

Set 10: German Regular Verbs Present Tense Challenge Cards

Set 11: German Irregular Verbs Present Tense Task Cards

Set 12: German Separable Verbs Present Tense Task Cards

All files are non-editable in a zipped format and include the following:

  • differentiated question cards, students don’t have to work through all cards at once - they can select cards randomly for short periods of time during lessons, whatever way suits your learning plan best.
  • answer recording sheet - I don’t actually always use these - I let students use their work notebooks for answers simply use their notebooks for answers. In some set, I’ve included a sheet with a background, and one without. Similarly, in some sets I’ve also included a blank sheet, with no numbers, which is useful when students are working ‘randomly’ through the cards at different times.
  • answer key - I find having a key essential for students, as it helps them to work and learn independently, and it also offers extra opportunity to engage with language - I tend to laminate sets of answer keys - one answer key for each small group is enough
  • question cards template for students to apply their knowledge practically, and to create questions for each other - this is a really challenging and popular activity, and I encourage students to include other vocab and verbs they know or learn.

    Have a browse in my store for more German independent learning activities, and a wide range of other German teaching and learning resources, with German dollar deals, special offer bundles, and lots of freebies - I’ve included a couple here for you to try.

    Files are non-editable in zipped formats. The bundle is copyright, all rights reserved. It may not be copied, rewritten, shared or distributed outside your own classroom, in whole or in part, in any way. The license for purchase is a single-use license only. Please read the Terms of Use carefully.




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4 years ago

These are great for getting my classes to work cooperatively.

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