Scientific explorations for EYFS

Science lessons, activities and experiments to help engage EYFS learners in Stem

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EYFS pupil using primary STEM science resources for exploration and experiment

Inspire future Einsteins to explore a range of scientific topics with these engaging ideas and practical investigations

At no time in life are curiosity levels higher than in the very young, which makes EYFS the perfect time to kick-start an interest in the way the world works. So why not take the time and add some Stem-style activities to your repertoire? To help you to get started, we've picked out a range of innovative theory lessons and practical tasks.

Space lesson for  EYFS learners

Space lesson for EYFS learners

Lesson: Alien Space Journey through Planets Aims: 1\. To learn the names of the planets of the Solar System. 2\. To be able to recognize the planets of the Solar System on the picture. Age group: Nursery and Reception Time: approximately 60 minutes Materials required: 1\. Pict...
Pond Life Discovery Sheets

Pond Life Discovery Sheets

Simple sheets for pupils to record on. Linked to pond dipping activities. Sheets include PCS symbols to help support those pupils who may need visual prompts.
Hibernation KS1

Hibernation KS1

Hibernating animals no prep, print and go activities plus hibernation teaching Power Point . Suitable for KS1. Children will love learning all about hibernating animals and what animals do in winter with these fun, interactive activities. Students will be engaged whilst learning at the same time. T...