Imaginative Father’s Day resources

Sian Evans and Victoria Haughton
07th June 2018
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Creative activities to help young learners make memorable gifts for Father’s Day  

It’s that time of year when your pupils get to show how much they love and appreciate their dads or the other male figures in their lives. From calendar-crafting to poetry-writing, we’ve picked out some of our favourite resources to help you to inspire their creative side in doing just that. So, why not grab the glue sticks, line up the colouring pencils and encourage your students to make something special this Father’s Day?

Crafting ideas

Tap into pupils' creative side with these hands-on activities to make a memorable, personalised Father's Day gift to take home.


Father's Day Craft - Shirt Desktop Calendar

This is a great Father's Day Craft!
Includes step-by-step instructions and templates needed to create a Father's Day Desktop Calendar.

Watch the How To Video!

I have included:
- a shirt template and decorations for the shirt (ties, buttons, pockets, care labels, suspenders)
- Good for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, etc.
- Calendar Dates: free for life ... available in my store. Just click on Calendar Dates for All Calendars in my store.

Requires: Paper - 3 pieces 6 x 12, 6 x 6 and 1 x 6, glue, coloring pencils and scissors, a single hole punch and brads (which can be purchased at most dollar stores or a craft store. A brad is nothing more than a clip which will keep your calendar pieces together. Or, if you do not want to use the brads, you will need a stapler to staple the 12 calendar pieces to the piece of cardstock. Light cardstock is recommended.

The calendar folds flat for students to easily transport home or will fit into a 6" x 6" envelope. The calendar is the perfect size for Dad to keep on his desk all year long. Dads love this item!!!
Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!

I sell a total of 6 calendars:
Mother's Day
- Mother's Day Craft - DO IT ALL MOM Desktop Calendar
- Mother's Day Craft - Desktop Calendar

Father's Day
- Father's Day Craft - Fishing Dad Desktop Calendar
- Father's Day Craft - Fix It Dad Desktop Calendar
- Father's Day Craft - Shirt Desktop Calendar
- Father's Day Craft - Desktop Calendar
By Artsy-Crafter

Father's Day Cards with Writing Prompts

Father's Day Cards with a writing activity. It has cards for grandfathers, uncles, and dads. All cards are available in black and white for your students to colour and fill out. One of the cards has a pocket full of writing prompts for your students to write loving messages in it for their father. Two Father’s Day colouring pages are also included. 19 Pages
By TeacherNyla

Fathers Day Number 1 Dad roseette

A printable template to make Number 1 Dad rosette with instructions. Suitable for all age groups. For younger learners, or some learners with LD or difficulties with cutting, the shapes can be cut out before use. A nice class activity with a different front available saying you're a star. Enabling those who do not wish to or can't make a rosette for their Dad to make a rosette for a friend, carer or teacher.
By HelenBrignell

Fathers' Day Card

easy card from A4 paper.Makes a shirt!
By pink12house

Father's Day Lollipop Tie Rack

With Father’s day just around the corner, this lollipop tie rack activity is just the thing to make any Dad happy. You could prepare it on Monday, start it Tuesday afternoon, continue with it on Wednesday, make the card on Thursday and assemble it on Friday ready to take it home for Sunday.
Essentially, this is a Father’s Day craft activity where the children can make a very simple tie rack using only 9 lollipop sticks to give to Dad on Father’s Day. It is also a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop their fine motor skills by following a template, being accurate and being patient while the glue dries during the various stages. It will cover you Design and Technology quota for the week!
Included in the download is a sticking template which gives assembly instructions, a packaging template that can double up as a card where the children can decorate and add a simple message and a few photographs showing what the tie rack and packaging looks like when complete.
Use PVA (wood glue) for strong joins. Stage 1 and the 3 parts of the hook can be made to begin with and left overnight to set, so a good activity to do at the end of the school day. Continue with the next stages during the following morning and the hanger should be ready to go home by the end of the school day or better still the next day to fully allow the glue to set. If weights can be placed onto the rack when it is drying it will help the joints to be even stronger but this is not essential - the tie rack is surprisingly strong and will hold 8 ties when full.
Each child will need 9 lollipop sticks, any colour or a combination of colours or use plain sticks which the children can decorate. Two of the lollipop sticks will need to be cut in half to make the hook. I used strong scissors to make a dent at the edges and then snapped them carefully putting my thumbs and index finger as close to the middle as possible. Alternatively, if you have access to junior hacksaws, either you or the children could cut them in half. You could bundle them together and either put some tape or an elastic band around them to make cutting quicker. The ends could be sanded using sandpaper or even a nail file! The assembling template needs to be photocopied and could be laminated to use year after year. You could also write the child’s name on the laminate with a board marker so it is easier to locate the next day. The packaging template just needs to be photocopied too. You can decide if your TA cut them out or you allow the children to - once cut, fold in half and then decorate. Cut out the circle when it is folded in half and then staple into place around the hanger. This craft activity should be lots of fun. The children will love it and the Dads will love it even more.

By MrFied

Father's Day Crafts - Make Dad a Wallet

This is a great Father's Day Craft!

This looks just like a real wallet ... only a lot more fun! The wallet folds so that Dad can put it into his pocket. When Dad opens the wallet he will find a writing activity in the billfold section, and 2 pouches - a Gift Card Pouch and a Surprise Pouch. I have provided all kinds of options for gift cards! The Surprise Pouch contains a coin for students to write on, granting 3 wishes for Dad.

Includes step-by-step instructions, decorations and templates needed to create a Father's Day Wallet! All students have to do is color, cut and glue!

Requires: Paper, glue, coloring pencils and scissors. I made this wallet with regular paper, just made sure I photocopied the wallet template on a colored piece!

Dads will love this item!!! Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!
By Artsy-Crafter

Lesson activities 

From coordinates to creative writing templates, these resources are packed full of ideas to help your learners celebrate their dads.

Father's Day Creative Pack

Suitable for 3-11 year-olds. Includes make a dad card and template, cake recipe, make a crown, poem template, colouring pages, world's greatest certificate. Can celebrate fathers and father figures.
By YoungWriters

Fathers Day Listening Exercise

Combine maths with listening practice! This activity is suitable for KS1 and lower KS2 pupils. Follow instructions to colour in kites and balloons to end up with posters that can be sent home or displayed in the classroom. Immediate visual feedback on concentration and accuracy for the pupils in your class. The instructions could also be given in writing to hearing impaired children or those for whom English is not their first language.
By Mathsright

Father's Day

A fun pack to celebrate Father's Day. Suitable for KS1 and KS2.

The pack includes:

  • Father Acrostic Poem

  • Daddy Acrostic Poem

  • My Dad Apps

  • Recipe for a Perfect Dad

  • Father's Day Word Search

  • Similes About My Dad

  • My Dad worksheet

  • You might also find this All About Me resource useful.

    If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review.

    To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.
By TaylorsTeachingTimesavers

Father day coordinates card activity

List of coordinates that when done accurately creates a man with a tie, shirt and jacket on. I am using this myself for children to then colour in and add detail e.g. hair, jacket, tie and then stick on the front of a card that they will write in for fathers day.
Can also just be used as an activity for practising coordinates.
By krisgreg30

Father's Day Poem - Dad, You're Not A Dancer

As a Dad I'm used to my children pointing out my shortcomings (embarrassing dancing, hopeless singing etc) and that was the inspiration for this Father's Day poem. But I still cling to the hope that, like the child narrator in the poem, they&'ll decide that when all&';s been said and done, their Dad isn't so bad after all. I&'ve also used this poem as a springboard for children to write their own Father&';s Day poems.
By RogerHurn

Making Father's Day special

A simple writing frame for children to complete giving them ideas on how they can make Father’s Day special for their Dads.

By lbrowne

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