Plans, resources to laminate and use etc. Hope they help x (thanx to bev evans for the 3 bears powerpoint - i have adapted it and laminated the pictures and strung them along the back of my role play corner (3 bears house). Other topis covered: Stories.


  • A_washing_line_story_about_three.doc
  • 3_bowls_spoons_chairs_beds_bears.doc
  • Floor_Plan_-_3_Bears_-_November_2006.doc
  • Show_and_Tell_My_Bear.doc
  • Three_Bears.doc

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    user avatarraydeunnea year agoreport

    Thank you for sharing for free - this has saved me hours of work and enhanced my lesson for the nursery school children - its is perfect.

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    user avatarhattii2 years agoreport

    Thank you, this is great.

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    Very nice resource. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. The children will love it.

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    user avatarTortrix2 years agoreport

    The pictures with the simple story perfect for my Autistic pupil. You have saved me loads of work and it is appreciated.