Google Earth Education: Stranded on a Remote Island Writing Exercise #GoogleEarth

Students will explore the isolated islands of the British Indian Ocean Territory in the Google Earth Voyager Story,,71.77674,5.27229896a,188912.6115953d,35y,0h,56.97739821t,0r/data=CjISMBIgNGY3ZDNmM2RmZGM3MTFlNmE5ZTcxYjMxZWFiNDNjN2QiDHNwbGFzaHNjcmVlbigC. As they explore, students will take note of the unique features of each island and determine which islands would be best and worst for the human survival.

As a culminating tasks, students will write an argument essay outlining which of the islands in the Voyager Story would be the best and worst for human survival.


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