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These activities are designed to be completed by students while the teacher is listening to other students read. There are three different grids, each with nine activities. Every student completes the central activity and then chooses two other activities to make a line like in noughts and crosses. All the activities are based on the guided reading text that the students are reading. The files are presented as either a word document (one grid per page) or as publisher file (two grids per page). They have been designed for year two and over. Hope they are useful!

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CreatedOct 24, 2008
UpdatedNov 24, 2014

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    user avatarShereenkha month agoReport


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    user avatarseadown636 months agoReport

    Thanks, great for independent work.

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    user avatarSistersarah6 months agoReport

    Great- thank you!

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    user avatarebennett557 months agoReport

    Thank you for this. It will help with staff training that I will be leading in September.

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    user avatarleam10 months agoReport

    Great idea for independent work or reading homework when completed reading of the textbook.

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