Heart Anatomy Diagrams and Quiz
Heart diagrams to enhance your study of the Cardiovascular System. Labelling and coloring diagrams is one of the best strategies for teaching human anatomy.

Diagrams allow students to easily visualize the anatomy of human body structures. Physical characteristics of structures and their relationships to one another become more real and easy to understand.

This resource contains 2 heart diagrams, each in 5 formats. One for your Anatomy & Physiology or advanced Biology students and one for your Biology or Health students. I also included an EDITABLE matching quiz and answer key for each diagram.

This product includes 6 files:
1. Read This First includes product overview, contact information, terms of use, and imageand font credits.
2. Heart Diagrams: One Advanced and one Basic diagrams, each in 5 different formats.
• Study – Labeled format has 21 structures on advanced version and 12 structures on basic version
• Label – Lined format is ready to label
• Quiz – Two formats that are perfect for quizzes or review: lettered and numbered
• Color – Blank diagrams that are ready to color
3. Two Heart Quizzes: one advanced and one basic
4. Quiz Answer Keys

The advanced diagram includes the following heart structures. Structures on the basic diagram are indicated with *.
• aorta*
• aortic semilunar valve
• brachiocephalic artery
• descending aorta*
• inferior vena cava*
• interventricular septum
• left atrium*
• left ventricle*
• left pulmonary artery*
• left pulmonary veins*
• left common carotid artery
• left subclavian artery
• mitral valve
• pulmonary semilunar valve
• pulmonary trunk
��� right atrium*
• right ventricle*
• right pulmonary artery*
• right pulmonary veins*
• superior vena cava*
• tricuspid valve

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Happy Teaching!
Carla Brooks
Science Island


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