Earthquake Unit – Close Reading – Text Dependent Questions – Going Paperless? These interactive Google slides contain everything needed to teach a rigorous unit on Earthquakes and are great for Chromebooks, HP Streams, and other devices in a 1:1 classroom. This resource uses file sharing with Google or Microsoft OneDrive. Use these activities to engage students in a whole class, small group, or independent environment. This resource is also perfect for Homeschool students.

This original product is provided through web-based Google file sharing, contained on the Internet 'cloud' and allows you and your students to access, edit, and print files from any computer or device. Students work on their template directly in the file on their device or computer. This product will also work with Microsoft OneDrive (instructions included!)

Common Core aligned and created to facilitate “Depth of Knowledge” (DOK) for your students, this product contains four original CLOSE Reading nonfiction passage that were created for CLOSE reading to teach your students about earthquakes (not familiar with CLOSE reading? It’s okay, we have instructions and anchor charts to help you incorporate it into your teaching). There are text dependent questions aligned with each passage, a set of vocabulary work to accompany each nonfiction text, and our best-selling research report on Earthquakes. A variety of other graphic organizers and activities are included.

We do encourage you to supplement with any other books, videos, and websites that you already use; they will blend nicely with our CLOSE reading passages. You can use this unit in its entirety, or “pick and choose” the components to meet the needs of your students.

This unit contains the following elements:

• CLOSE reading nonfiction passages with illustrations: (Both printable and digital!)

o Close Reading passage 1 - “Introduction to Earthquakes"
o Close reading passage 2 - “Plate Tectonics”
o Close reading passage 3 - “Earthquake Faults”
o Close reading passage 4 - “Earthquake Magnitude and Measurement”

• Digital Vocabulary Exercises for each CLOSE reading passage along with printable vocabulary word cards with definitions

• CLOSE Reading Instructions PowerPoint explaining the steps of CLOSE Reading

• Anchor Charts for student annotation and Discussion Topics for CLOSE Reading (Both printable and digital!)

• “Text Dependent Questions”, to be used after all passages are read; this is intended as a summative assessment, or practice in citing textual evidence and giving examples from the reading of nonfiction text

• Common Core Essential questions (to be used after all passages are read, can be used as a summative assessment or a performance task)

• Earthquake Research Report
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