Israel- Palestine: causes of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians  Lesson Plan
Students will be able to identify the causes of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.

1. What do you know about Israel? Palestine? Gaza strip?
2. Discuss whole-group (10 minutes)

Lesson Development
3. Each student needs a copy of “Student Worksheet 1: Israeli and Palestinian Claims to Land” to read and answer the questions individually. Then discuss whole-group (20 minutes)
4. Guiding Questions - What are the major issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians? Why are they so difficult to resolve? Why is the U.S. a supporter and ally of Israel?

5. Task:
Answer the following questions on a separate lined piece of paper to submit:
1. What is at the core of the ongoing conflicts between the Arabs and the Israelis?
2. What are the basic arguments each group has regarding the conflict?
3. In your opinion, who is the rightful owner of the land? Why?

Student Worksheet 1:
Israeli And Palestinian Claims To Land

Directions: The searing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has made almost impossible any statement about which both groups can agree. Read the following descriptions about the claim each has to the land Israelis call Israel and Palestinians Palestine. Then, based on what you have read, ans
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