Leopards - Non Chronological Reports

Capturing children’s attention and getting them to write a good report can be tall order! Here is a resource which both challenges the upper ability and helps children who are emergent writers to achieve in class. An extensive bank of writing frames and activities for writing a non-chronological report on leopards. Useful for class projects.

This pack includes:

  • A report writing checklist
  • Information about the leopard sheet by sheet
  • Facts about the leopard to inspire quick sentence writing
  • Leopards and their young
  • The leopard’s diet information sheet
  • Leopard: heading and subheading planning flip booklet
  • Leopard: Vocab and heading planner
  • Leopard fact planner
    *The Snow and African leopard introductory information planner
  • Snow and African leopards- facts galore!
  • Blank Snow and African fact collector -for student use
  • The leopard - description, diet, habitat, behaviour info
  • Leopard report writing full word made : Technical vocabulary, similes, connections, verbs and adjectives to help children write
  • Blank leopard word mat
    *What makes a good report check cards
  • My plan writing frame
  • A start to my plan writing frame
  • Leopard questions (to stimulate research)
  • What if writing frame
  • Title writing frame help
  • Headings writing frame help
  • Topic support writing frame
  • The majestic leopard - writing a report support
  • Evidence planner and writing frame with checklist for guidance
  • Report planner with guidance
  • Leopards in captivity activity
  • What do I know about the leopard?
  • Let’s take notes - main subject, sub-topic
  • Report prompts
  • Help with general information
  • Using evidence / diagrams or photos / vocab and examples of writing in the third person
  • Leopards in the wild - pros or cons
  • How to paraphrase step by step 3 writing frames with PPT to accompany
  • Flip books :
    Leopard diet
  • A start to my plan
  • Writing plan flip booklet
  • Extra flaps for confident writers
  • Word bank research writing frame
  • All about leopards research writing frame 2
  • Writing sentences - just go go go !
  • The leopard - sources of information
  • Why am I writing about leopards?
  • Subheadings and following paragraphs
  • Leopard fact challenge and answer key
  • The leopard writing paper for display
  • Planning your report
  • Providing evidence
  • The Snow leopard - organising your information
  • The African leopard - organising your information

There should be something for everything. If you would like me to add anything else please get in touch.


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