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A Phase 5 Phonics Overview Letters and Sounds

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CreatedJan 23, 2012
UpdatedJan 17, 2015

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    Useful but i feel like it would help if there was an idea on how to breakdown over the days

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    user avatarlittleowleyes10 months agoReport

    Thanks for sharing your clear, basic overview.

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    user avatarfaahedzba year agoReport

    Nice overview, useful planning tool to work from; but I think from week 8 onwards, in the 'teach' column, it should say 'alternative graphemes', not 'phonemes', as you are teaching new graphemes to spell the same phoneme. Thank you for sharing.

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    user avatarteachmisha year agoReport

    I also lost all my files when they were accidentally deleted from the server. So this is a very useful document. It is laid out in a tabular form with the first column being the Week #, second HFW, third what to revisit and review, fourth what to teach, fifth reading and spelling, and sixth application. Would it be possible update it to include more in the apply column after Week 5? The sentence samples provided in the first 5 weeks are helpful. Thank you!

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    user avatarfizzgoga year agoReport

    I'd lost my own version so you saved me ages - thank you!

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