This PDF contains a set of five lesson plans which use Road Safety as a theme to explore non-fiction writing. Pupils are asked to examine adverts and real life accounts before composing their own pieces of non-fiction writing. The lessons support the development of key skills such as Writing to Persuade and provides the opportunity to cover off key areas of the curriculum such as Speaking and Listening, all whilst improving pupils Road Safety awareness. Student Worksheets and additional Road Safety materials can be found on the Safety Matters website at


  • Literacy - Non Fiction.pdf

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    user avatarpfrench1234 years agoreport

    Really useful

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    user avatarChioha4 years agoreport

    This resource was quite helpful, because I needed to see a sample of a Literacy lesson plan. Thank you!

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    user avatarbslh75 years agoreport

    I can't find the worksheets or powerpoint that the plan refer to - anyone have any tips on how to find these?

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    user avatarpollydice6 years agoreport

    thank-you. It will be very useful

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    user avatar050290607 years agoreport

    Has anyoe managed to get a copy of the resource file for these plans?