Teacher toolkit for maths teachers
- Up and down timer
- Random name generator
- Notification setting for meetings or important dates
- Dice roller

- Quizzes and bingos for progress checks in the classroom
- Random generations of circles, triangles, linear sequences, ratio simplification and division
- Linear graph plotter for y=mx + c
- Interactive circle equation and plotter
- Probability game
- Ratio quizes
- Lindenmayer and random IFS fractal generator

Resource for all maths teachers to use as progress checks, all in one place. All randomly generated for more than one use with the same group.

This will be occasionally updated so check back every couple of weeks.


  • Toolkit.zip

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Created: Apr 21, 2017

Updated: May 9, 2017

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4 Reviews

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    will be useful

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    user avatardwatson802a month agoreport

    Absolutely love this, an easy to use tool kit. My favourite, random name generator (set this is up for the whole year:) , random circle generator with answers, bingo quizzes, 10qq. Brilliant free resource, thanks for sharing.

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    user avatargbagniuk3 months agoreport

    Really helpful, love the random name generator I use it every day. Thanks!

  • 5
    user avatarjfjadefoster4 months agoreport

    Very useful resource and well made. A few examples of what it can do: linear sequence bingo, generate random circles with the option to see all information and can work out HCF and prime factors (plus lots more). Would definitely recommend to any trainee or teacher.