Middle Ages: Medieval Nations Assignment
Middle Ages: Medieval Nations Assignment

In medieval Europe, several events point towards similar trends in various nations. Thus, instead of having you memorize the rulers and important details of every country that we are studying, each group will focus on one nation more closely.

Your final product will be a poster or a booklet that includes:
 � An annotated timeline of rulers and events between the 300s and 1500s
 � A short biography on two famous people from that nation, one man and one woman.
 � A map of the country
 � An illustrated summary of what life would be like for someone living in that country.
 � A handout for the class listing vocabulary, identifying important events or people, and containing five major study questions.

This assignment will be due on Wednesday, November 19th.
You will have time in class today and Tuesday to complete the assignment; you may need to do some work at home.

Today. Monday, you need to accomplish the following:
1. 1. Make a group of four people to work with.
2. 2. Choose a country: England, France, Spain, or the Holy Roman Empire (Germany and Italy combined).
3. 3. Decide who will be responsible for each part, except for the timeline, which you will complete as a group, in class today.
4. 4. Complete an annotated timeline. Use your book to find out important events that occurred in your country between the 300s and 1500s.
A. A. Make a list of all of the events; also be sure to include rulers and the length of their reign.
B. B. Write a short explanation for each event, if it is not evident by the title.
C. C. Place each event on the timeline. Give your timeline to the most responsible member of your group to save until Friday.

Project Details—Reminder this is due Wednesday.

Biography instructions:
Choose two famous people from your nation. You must include one woman and one man. Your book should have plenty of options for most of the countries, however if you can�t find someone ask Ms. Harris. Write a paragraph explaining who each person was and what they are known for. What are the major events in their life? What effect did they have on your chosen country?

Using your book or the class atlases, you must draw a full-page map of your country. Label any rivers, bodies of water, major mountain ranges, and important cities within that country (note: if it is mentioned in your history book it is probably an important city!). Please color your map.

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