My Life - a Timeline

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This is an interactive resource. Click the weblink to the right of this page to launch it. A TESiboard ( ) activity to create a timeline of a child's development. Drag the images representing milestones in a child's development onto the timeline. This is great for helping children make sense of how they learn new skills and develop since birth. It helps them think about the learning process - and realise that it continues over time. This could be a preliminary to asking children to bring in their own photos and make a class timeline.

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CreatedJan 3, 2010
UpdatedFeb 16, 2015

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    Thanks so much.

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    user avatarmrcutts5 years agoReport

    A good activity for use with EYFS.

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    I'm afraid you would need internet connection to access this. It's either that, or you would need to do your own in publisher or powerpoint. Sorry!! :( P.s. good resource.

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    user avatarkatsluv6 years agoReport

    can anyone suggest how i can use this on our whiteboard as we DO NOT have internet access! many thanks