To give a bit of variety to revision for Year 11s, I have made a new version of my Mathonopoly game, this time focused on grade 6 to 9 topics for the new Edexcel GCSE.

As with my other versions, students start with 200 points and work their way around the board. When they land on a 'property' they answer that question card. If they get it correct, they get to 'buy' the property for the number of points on the card. All other Monopoly features apply - I have made my own Chance and Community Chest cards with references to my school policies and/or my class so you might want to edit these.

Haven't used it yet so please let me know if you spot any errors and I'll edit it. Hope this provides some entertainment in what can be a slightly dull, full on time for Year 11!


  • Grades-6-to-9-Mathonopoly.pptx
  • Mathonopoly-C-and-CC-cards.pptx
  • Mathonopoly-Board-and-Rules.pptx

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18 Reviews

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    user avatarJoki812 days agoreport

  • 5

    great resource for gcse higher revision in groups

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    user avatarjo_murphy9 days agoreport

    A very good idea. Makes a nice change. I would use this in a support club.

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    user avatarSunset428410 days agoreport

    Really professionally presented. Engages those who otherwise possibly wouldn't be! Very much appreciated.

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    user avatarjhartbear25 days agoreport

    this looks amazing and I can't wait to try it out - thank you for sharing