Nonfiction Close Reading Lessons Bundle
This common core aligned close reading unit focuses on understanding the basics of analyzing the rhetorical situation, mood and tone, and author's purpose, bias, and point of view within informational texts.The new Common Core State Standards place a greater emphasis on critical thinking and implementing nonfiction into the English Language Arts curriculum. These multi-faceted lesson plans integrate listening skills, reading strategies, and writing skills, as students analyze each of these elements to develop practical skills in close reading of nonfiction texts.

This bundle includes detailed lessons covering:
1 Informational Text Annotation and Close Reading Guidelines
2 Understanding and Evaluating the Rhetorical Situation
3 Recognizing Mood and Tone
4 Identifying and Evaluating Author’s Bias, Point of View and Purpose

CCSS Alignment
Videos and Active Listening Exercises/Worksheets
PPT tools authors use to develop purpose and point of view
Purpose and Viewpoint Student’s Notes
Guided Practice Worksheets
Independent Practice Worksheets
Independent Purpose and Bias Exercises


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Nonfiction Close Reading The Rhetorical Situation
Purpose, Point of View, Bias Nonfiction Close Reading

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