Optics Unit: The Behavior of Light - PowerPoint Lessons, Notes and Activities
Product Description
The package includes a complete lesson and activity set for your Optics unit.

- 5 weeks of teaching material
- 11 Power Points totaling 232 slides.
- 84 Slide (42 Questions and Answers) Review Power Point
- 4 quizzes with answer key
- Pinhole Camera 1-3 Day activity
- Hyperlinked YouTube videos directly embedded in the Power Points – no more searching for videos
- Many lessons contain online simulations hyperlinked directly on the slides for easy access
- All lessons contain student and teacher versions of the PowerPoint as well as a student lesson outline on Word
- Some lessons contain worksheets and/or activities
- TWO Bill Nye worksheets with answer key
- Everything you need to teach Optics!

Buyer Comments: "I will be using this when I teach my heat, light and sound unit. Light and sound are not my strengths. I bought Fergy's astronomy unit and my students loved it. I look forward to using this unit as well. Thanks!"

"My students are enjoying this unit very much. There is a great deal of material presented in a way that it captures the students' attention. Terrific!"

"Excellent resource; will save me so much time!"

"Love this product, it has saved me a lot of time preparing for my year 9 energy lessons. Thank you"

"I wish you had more stuff that worked for me! I loved this unit!!"

Lessons Include:
Lesson 1 - Light
Lesson 2 - Lasers, Absorption and Transmission
Lesson 3 - The Production of Light
Lesson 4 - Ray Diagrams, Reflections and Plane Mirrors
Lesson 5 - Reflection in Curved Mirrors
Lesson 6 - Refraction Day 1
Lesson 7 - Refraction Day 2
Lesson 8 - Lenses and Focal Point
Lesson 7a - Snell's Law Lesson, Worksheet and Lab
Lesson 9 - Lenses - Ray Diagrams
Lesson 10 - Thin Lens Equation and Magnification
Lesson 11 - The Eye

Each lesson has a student and teacher version. The student version contains multiple blanks that need to be filled in throughout the lesson. I have found this to be the most effective means of keeping my students engaged and active without having them write everything out. This also leaves more time for discussion and activities.
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