This is a website with free cartoons and other resources for children. Some of the cartoons are typical Polish ones, a bit old-fashioned but well known and loved by all Polish kids. Others are world-famous but translated into Polish. I think it might be a great support for the new arrivals who might feel a bit lost in a new environment. The second website is an internal link to the page where you can watch 10 educational science cartoons If you need any help with translating some words or phrases to/from Polish, feel free to write to me at


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    user avatars.corlett9 years agoreport

    Useful for my new Polish pupils. Thank you. I'll share this directly with some of my new Polish pupils as well as their teachers. It would be an interesting exercise for teachers to watch one of these videos eg the one re the injection, and to see how much information you can glean without being able to understand the language. Would increse awareness of the difficulties faced by new EAL learners.