Pure Substances and Mixtures [Presentation]
16-slide presentation*.
Topic: Pure Substances and Mixtures (Junior Chemistry).

Neatly laid out with clear and detailed explanations of the topic, including a summary of key points.

Comprehensive enough for self-directed learning, although equally useful as a classroom presentation.

Also includes detailed Lesson Plan and Unit Outline.

Aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.
Year 7 Chemistry.
Science Understanding ACSSU113.

Although this resource is made specifically for the Australian curriculum, it would be useful for other junior science curriculums as well.

*Presentation is in Adobe Acrobat format.
View in full screen mode (Ctrl L) and scroll through slides with arrows; Esc to get out of full screen view, navigate through slides using Page Thumbnails on left side of page, just like a PowerPoint presentation.

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