Revision Videos for Edexcel GCSE RS course

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We have put together resources covering the 4 units on the RS Short course. These can be used as revision or as an introduction to the units for the pupils. They cover all the key words for each of the 4 units. We have also included a video called 'The Gay Song' which can be used as a way of stimulating discussion for a lesson on homophobia,

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CreatedNov 13, 2011
UpdatedMar 9, 2014

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    user avatarweebleme5 years agoReport

    These are brilliant resources - very current. Thanks!

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    user avatarsensoRE5 years agoReport

    This is The Reincarnation Song, which is reviewed elsewhere on this site, it is an excellent resource which teaches key words and ideas in a fresh and funky way. Congratulations to the singers, they are an RE Gilbert and George. It would be great to see the homophobia resources.