Romeo & Juliet Top Trumps Revision Activity

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A set of printable Romeo and Juliet Top Trump cards, to encourage students of low ability to retain and revise knowledge of the characters in the play through a card game.
To Play: Shuffle and divide the cards between 2 players. Taking turns, each player looks at their first card and the 100%s awarded for different categories.

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Romeo Juliet TopTrumps

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CreatedJun 18, 2010
UpdatedApr 2, 2014

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    user avataremmasnug3 years agoReport

    Excellent revision in a fun way, many thanks

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    user avatarchippy43 years agoReport

    I like this, good for using with SEN groups to reinforce the different characters. Thanks!

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    As the document is on publisher the tabs for the other 3 pages is at the bottom on the left hand side. Thanks for posting this resource I found it useful for engaging my group of SEN pupil's.

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    Should there be more than 4 cards?