In 1979 an English scheme of work was created called 'School under Siege'. It was loved by kids who became English teachers. Sadly, the scheme disappeared from the world. From memory I have made up new tasks on the same theme. Ideal for cover lessons/ppa or as an 'end of term' scheme. The premise: An infectious disease has hit your school and your teacher has announced that you’ll be stuck at school in quarantine for 3 weeks until the danger has passed.
You will not be able to leave the school for any reason.
No one can enter the school.
You will have tasks to complete to record the experience during the 3 weeks.
Tasks include: Diary entries, writing to instruct, writing to persuade, letter writing, poetry, play scripts, newspaper reports, television news scripts, invent a game with explanations - and it's fun. Especially for boys. Weeks worth of writing lessons here for KS2 and KS3


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    user avatartess_tes2 years agoreport

    Ideal for when I have SLT meetings and the cover teacher can just direct them to their 'School Under Siege' folders. It's very 'Mantle of the Expert'.