Scott Peterson & Murder of Pregnant Wife Laci - 71 Slides
There is a powerpoint presentation on the Peterson case. It has a 20 point multiple choice quiz with answer key included. There are also a set of flashcards for review, testing and/or class discussion. All but the quiz are highly visual and textual.

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook author.

Laci Peterson’s husband Scott, 30, had problems being married. His first problem was that he had to have a girlfriend while also having a wife. The second problem was that he didn’t want any children. Nevertheless his wife Laci, 27, was heavily pregnant and he would soon be a father. He told numerous people he didn’t want to be a father and they later testified against him.

During his wife’s pregnancy, Scott Peterson took out a quarter-million dollar life insurance policy on her. Weeks before Laci went missing, Scott also bought four fake diplomas. The history on his computer shows him shopping for a boat in December 2002, the month Laci disappeared. He bought a boat and then studied the currents in San Francisco Bay. He browsed a U.S. Geological Survey chart of water currents and Brooks Island. He claimed he went fishing on Brooks Island the same day that Laci disappeared.
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