Lesson with Powerpoint looking at Shakespeare's insults. To take the fear out of the language, students practise delivering the insults to one another. I created the Elizabethan insults dictionary to help students decode the meanings and then create their own Elizabethan insults.


  • Yr_Intro Shakespeare_Lesson 4.ppt
  • Shakespeare Insults for Whole Class.doc
  • Shakespeare Insults Dictionary.doc

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5 Reviews

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    Great! Can't wait to use these resources to introduce Romeo and Juliet! :D

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    This is amazing. I am really looking forward to class tomorrow because I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with this! Thank you so much for sharing. You're wonderful! :)

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    user avatarfunfaith4 years agoreport

    Thank you. These are great! You are a hero :-)

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    user avatarmwelke5 years agoreport

    I was looking for a quick fun activity to showcase our high school when the gr 9's come for a tour. This is perfect and I will try it out in my English classes also

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    user avatarag_4676 years agoreport

    Really helpful & a great resource. Thanks for uploading.