Here are a couple of pictures of the Simpsons which students can recreate to practise plotting coordinates in all four quadrants or just the positive quadrant. Lisa requires the use of all four quadrants whilst Bart only requires positive. There are the grids included and also an extra sheet to get students to draw their own axis and find out what the pictures are.


  • Simpsons Plotting Coordinates.pdf

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Created: Nov 6, 2011

Updated: Dec 10, 2014

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    user avatarJInsley55a year agoreport

    Lisa was a complete mess - do not use.
    Bart was easier and a useful resource for positive coordinates.

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    user avatarmaribriasa year agoreport

    Brilliant resource, although there are a couple of errors with Lisa's beads.

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    Very good resource for practice with plotting coordinates but there are a couple of errors with Lisa's beads and the last column for her eyelashes seems unnecessary.

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    user avatarjliona year agoreport

    Looks great - thank you

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    user avatarsfonsoa year agoreport