Spring No Prep Math and Literacy Printables for First Grade
This is a no-prep pack of printables designed to help first graders review math and literacy targets. Pages can be printed and used immediately or sent home. Also great for sub tubs.

Includes the following printables:
Rainy Day Grammar- color by the code for nouns, verbs, and adjectives
Flowerpot Nouns- color by the code for types of nouns
Spring Verbs- complete the sentence with the correct verb tense
Spring ABC order
Sunny Syllables-color by the code
Roll and read (2 pages)- roll a die and read the sight words, tally the rolls
Bluebird L-blends- color by the code
Growing R-blends- color by the code
Digraph Ducklings- color by the code
Flowerpot Blends- cut and paste to complete the word with a blend
S-Blends- identify the s-blend words
Silent E- add an e to make a new word, cut and paste the matching picture
Garden Contractions- cut and paste to combine the words into a contraction
Super Spring Sentences (2 pages)
How Does your Garden Grow?- write the steps of a flower growing
Reading Comprehension (2 pg)
Fact or Opinion Flowers
Cause and Effect- identify the effect, write your own cause and effect
Compare and Contrast- venn diagram for butterfly and bee
Spring Sentence Scrambles
Spring punctuation
Making words (3 pg)- flowerpot, springtime, and gardening
Color by the Code: Sight Words- (2 pg)
Spring Patterns
True or False Equations
Ten Frame Twigs- complete the equations by using the ten frames
Time to the half-hour- identify the time shown on analog clocks
Spring Schedule- time to the half hour
Counting clouds
Skip-Counting Clouds
Place Value: Tens and Ones- identify tens and ones
Flowerpot Fact Families
Missing Part Pots- identify the missing part of the equation
Seed Addition/Subtraction
Dot Addition/Subtraction
Evens and Odds- complete the equations, color by the code
Ordering Numbers
Ordinal Numbers
Comparing Numbers
Tulip Tens- count by tens with number words
Spring Story Problems (2 pages)
Spring Combinations (2 pages)
Spring Fractions- identify halves and fourths of groups of objects
Garden Graphing- use the graph to answer questions
Roll and Graph a Garden- roll a die and graph according to the key
Garden Graphing 2- count and graph the pictures, answer the questions
Roll and Color (3 pages)- roll 3 dice, find the sum, then color that part of the picture
Hundreds Chart Fill-in (3 pg)
Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture (2 pg)
Spring Story- complete the picture and write a story to go with it
Writing Prompts (6 pages)-
What do you like to do on rainy days?
What is your favorite part of Spring?
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