Standard Computer Keyboard Layout with lower case letters

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A picture of a standard keyboard with clear Sassoon Infant captions. Image is a resizable gif file and can be imported into a number of applications and programmes. Upper case version one will follow


  • Standard_Keyboard_Layout_Lower_Case.gif

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Created: Apr 11, 2007

Updated: May 28, 2013

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    user avatarroodt3 months agoreport

    printable size needs to be able to fit over the actual keyboard

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    user avatardarbitha2 years agoreport

    Great resource.

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    Thank you, a great resourse

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    user avatarmyrtle5 years agoreport

    Very useful resource! What a time saver, thank you.

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    user avatarbex26068 years agoreport

    fantastic, thankyou. Thankyou you have saved me so much time. I was just about to start making one of these to help my year 1 class with their typing.