The Demon Headmaster Play IWB resources

I made these for a low ability Year 8 group based on the play of 'The Demon Headmaster' by Gillian Cross. Unfortunately, I rarely saw this group as it was shared, so the resources are very limited. :-}


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    user avatarcbaer3 years agoReport

    fantastic tons of ideas and material. Greatly appreciate your contribution

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    user avatarmcramd4 years agoReport

    Thank you so much, I am teaching this to a literacy low ability class of year 8s next half term and this is a great start for me to use. Thank you very much for sharing!

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    Great resources and activities here, with LOs included in the slides. For those who don't have Notebok installed, there's an 'express' version on SMART Tech's website:

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    user avatardoylec14 years agoReport

    Could you format the lessons into powerpoint format? Sorry really fasinated but don't have notebook installed.