The Variables Song!

Which is the independent variable and which the dependent? And what are control variables? Let this song do the teaching, to the tune of ‘If you’re happy and you know it!’ Initially written with my Year 11s in mind to help them prepare for their Physics practical and associated exam, this song is now used across science and from Year 7! Attached are the video I made (also youtube link), my original powerpoint, the words which can be stuck in a student’s book or used as a poster in the lab. Enjoy


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  • Super Miss..many thanks

  • mstemp2 years agoReport

    Great thanks, I'll use it with my low ability year 7s. Perfect!

  • Just the job, thanks!

  • I've used this video in class, much to the delight of the children- after watching a video that was shown to me by a Year 11 who swore it saved her coursework! thankyou for the resource, it's pretty well known throughout the school now