Times Tables Bingo Package

11 Bingo Games to help pupils practise their times tables from 2 to 12.
Suitable for pupils of any age who need to practise their times tables.

There are 30 prefilled bingo grids for you to print on two sheets of paper. Alternatively, pupils can draw a 3x3 grid and then select their own numbers from the second slide. You can reorder the slides or generate new bingo grids so the game can be played again.

This Times Tables Bingo Package is free so that you can see the quality of my resources.
I have many other Bingo Packages available for purchase and any money raised from sales will go to the following charity;
Mbedza Projects Support.


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  • 02-Two-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 02--Two-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 03-Three-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 03--Three-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 04-Four-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 04--Four-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 05-Five-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 05--Five-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 06-Six-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 06--Six-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 07-Seven-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 07--Seven-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 08-Eight-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 08--Eight-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 09-Nine-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 09--Nine-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 10-Ten-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 10--Ten-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 11-Eleven-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 11--Eleven-times-table-Bingo.pptx
  • 12-Twelve-times-table-Bingo-Grids.xlsx
  • 12--Twelve-timestable-Bingo.pptx

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Created: Oct 24, 2019

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