Primary maths: Percentages

Sian Evans
21st February 2018
Multiple percentage signs to illustrate percentages lessons for primary maths classrooms

Perfect young learners' percentage skills with help from this hand-picked collection of stimulating activities

However familiar pupils are with seeing percentage signs in the sales, getting to grips with parts of numbers and how to talk about them can be a daunting prospect. Even more so, when understanding percentages turns into finding percentages of different amounts. So, why not see if the Tes community have already created something to make the process easier for all involved…

Classroom activities

There’s no better way of understanding a new concept than getting stuck in! From comprehensive packs of questions to imaginative visual ways of breaking down percentages, there is something for every learner.


Percentages KS2 Y6 Percentages of Amounts inc. Word Problems, Missing Digits, Mastery Reasoning

LO: To find percentages of amounts.
LO: To solve problems involving the calculation of percentages.

1. Percentages teaching presentation. 13 Slides.

2. Rolling powerpoint to scaffold pupils while working.

3. Penalty Percentages. Self-checking partner games. Differentiated - 3 levels of challenge.

4. 54 Percentage of Amounts Flip Cards.
3 Levels of Challenge.
These cards pose percentage questions and have the answers on the back. They are suitable for lots of self-checking partner games or independent work.
Print Double Sided Back To Back onto Card.
Ideas for use:
a. Work with partner and flip when you both have an answer.
b. Work on own and ask partner to flip & check your answers.
c. Work independently against a timer.
d. Make your own Easy, Hard, and Harder Flip Cards.
e. Sort the cards into Easy, Hard, Harder piles and explain your reasoning.
f. You could edit a couple of cards; giving them the wrong answers and see how long it takes for pupils to spot your “mistakes”.

5. Connectors Challenge. Percentages of Amounts. Differentiated - 3 levels of challenge with answers. Pupils connect the percentage calculations to the correct answers. Some red herrings.

6. Percentages of Amounts Missing Digits. Differentiated - 3 levels of challenge with answers.

7. Basic Percentages - Let’s go fishing. Differentiated - 3 levels of challenge with answers.

8. Basic Percentages Word Problems with reasoning. Differentiated - 3 levels of challenge with answers.

9. Harder Percentages Word Problems with reasoning. Differentiated - 3 levels of challenge with answers.

10. Efficient Methods Reasoning Challenge Sheet.

By TES222

Percentage Problem Solving KS2

A pdf file for KS2. Problem Solving and Percentages. There are 20 pages in this workbook whch can be printed out as individual worksheets or as a complete workbook. Introduces children to the language of percentages, reduction, new prices, how to find a percentage. Child friendly worksheets sale in a toy shop, football matches, fashion show attendance, animals in the garden, shoe sale and other fun problem solving activities.
By teachercellar

Simple percentages using percentage bubbles

A tool for students to work out some simple percentages. The bonus questions test to see if they can combine more of the bubbles to generate new answers. The star questions ask students to calculate percentages that you can't generate as easily from the bubble.
By loz_dunn

Percentage Web

For children to use the relationship between division and multiplication to find simple percentage amounts.
By PeterDelafield

Lesson ideas

Offer clarity from the outset with these informative explanations, visual presentations and skill-building activities. As a class, this is a great way to set the scene for future exploration.


Percentages 2: Percentage of an Amount KS2

A Powerpoint to explain how to find a Percentage of an Amount. This powerpoint has 14 slides (Including one title and one end slide). Designed for KS2.

This looks at:
Finding a Percentage of an Amount
Comparing Percentages of Amounts

By Magictrickster

Introducing Percentages Using the Bar Model

An introduction to percentages using bar modelling, through the context of an iPhone battery. This resource lasted for 2 lessons with a mixed attainment Year 7 class
By MrE_Maths

Percentages - Year 5

A week of lessons looking at improving skills with percentages. The objectives sync with those in Block E3 of the maths framework. (MM)
By RobertBruceMiddleSchool

KS2/KS3 Maths: Percentage Introduction

Introducing pupils to percentages.
Converting fractions into percentages.
Finding simple percentages of amounts.
Highly visual approach to allow pupils make max progress.
By Fintan Douglas


Turn a tricky topic into an enjoyable one by adding an element of fun to your percentages lessons. Friendly competition is a sure-fire way to consolidate understanding.


Percentage of Amount Treasure Hunt!

A simple 20 question treasure hunt on percentages of amounts. I hide the 20 questions around the room, and then students go around in pairs to answer the 15 main questions and 5 challenge questions (worth extra points). I give a prize for the winner. Simple but effective!
By CaptainLoui

Percentage of Amount Follow Me Cards - A game for finding percentages

These 30 follow me cards are a great way to revise percentage of amounts including increasing and decreasing. Play is similar to dominoes, where the cards are placed end to end with the question to the answers, but each question only has one answer.

Students connect the questions and answers together forming a chain, with questions steadily getting harder. For extra challenge, don’t use a calculator.

Some ideas for how to use follow me cards:
-Have students race to connect the cards.
-Have a treasure hunt, around the classroom or outside. Students start with the starter card and record the solutions in the table.
-Students each take ownership of a card, and then get themselves in line correctly with the answers. If there are more than 30 students, assign some students as ‘managers’. If there are less than 30 students, the first students to connect their cards can be given the remaining cards.
- Cut each card in half and give the students a matching activity. They can then glue the answers into their books.
By LittleStreams

Percentage Game

Percentage Game
Take turns to choose a number from Group A and a percentage.........
Place a counter on the answer on the game board. If the answer is not on the board you miss that go......

For more interesting games, puzzles, activity, worksheets, study materials, revision, presentations... please visit my shop at TE_KM

Make your own fortune teller - percentages!

I like to call this the 'percentage pincher&' - 1. because I like the alliteration and 2. because I couldn&';t remember the name of these games I used to make when I was young, I just remembered you pinched them to make them work! Easy peasy - photocopy these two sheets back to back and follow the instructions! Get chln to fill out their own questions and answers, and if they fold it correctly, it should work - they can play it with a friend who has to work out the answer to their question before it is revealed!
By Sophie Bartlett

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