Primary maths: Factors, multiples and primes

A selection of resources to help your primary classes understand factors, multiples and primes in their maths lessons

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Colourful Numbers Representing Primary Maths Lessons On Factors, Multiples & Primes

Engaging lesson ideas and practice questions to help young learners get to grips with factors, multiples and primes

With factors, multiples and primes underpinning many mathematical techniques, and often being intertwined with multiplication and division, it is essential that students understand the relationship between different numbers. To get you started, here are just some of the resources that the Tes community have tried out with their classes.

Lesson ideas and classroom activities

Encourage independent exploration of these key concepts with help from these creative approaches.

Factors, Multiples and Primes

Factors, Multiples and Primes

A lesson on discovering what factors, multiples and primes are. Hopefully follows a fairly logical process, with a quite difficult activity to end on.
Odd One Out Worksheet - Prime numbers, multiples, squares, factors

Odd One Out Worksheet - Prime numbers, multiples, squares, factors

A worksheet with 15 questions and 16 answers where pupils need to eliminate the correct answers to find the odd one out (work out the left over answer). Topics are: factors, HCF, primes, multiples, square numbers, even/ odd numbers. A good resource for consolidation of these topics. Final answ...
Factors, Multiples and Prime numbers
Scott Versace

Factors, Multiples and Prime numbers

All explained on the one page. This simple activity, whilst it may take some explaining to lower ability students because of the directions, can become quite a colourful way to learn these three important topics.


There is plenty of opportunity to problem solve with this topic, which makes these fun games and puzzles perfect for exploring factors, multiples or primes.

Factor Bugs (inc Prime numbers) game

Factor Bugs (inc Prime numbers) game

This cute power point introduces factor bugs as a fun way of getting pupils to find factors of numbers. The bugs have legs which are usually in pairs. There s also the Prime Minister bug.
Factors Frenzy | Multiples Card Game

Factors Frenzy | Multiples Card Game

This is a card game for learning Factors and Multiples. Students take turns to play a factor card from their hand into a multiple card that is in play. Once a factor has been played on a particular card, no other player can play it again. There are exactly the correct amount of factor cards to mat...
Factors and Multiples Y5 Y6

Factors and Multiples Y5 Y6

Fun Upper Primary Maths games and activities for Key Stage 2 (KS2) Year 5 and 6 - *or Primary 6 and 7 in Scotland*. Factors and Multiples starters, warm ups, early finishers tasks, revision etc. A differentiated set of over 70 cards to be used for self-checking factors work or for fun games, plus 6 ...