Primary 'Money and Me' resources

'Money and me' lessons and activities created in collaboration with Beano, Bank of England and Tes for primary pupils ages 5 - 11.

Tes Resources Team

Money & Me Beano Bank Of England

12 lessons that will introduce young people aged 5-11 to the basics of how money and the economy work

Learning about money and finance can be tricky for children so why not check out this engaging set of resources produced by the Bank of England, Tes and Beano created to help UK primary school pupils learn about money in a real-world context. At each lesson’s core is a PowerPoint presentation which highlights learning objectives and outcomes as well as key words and the lesson detail. In addition, there are associated files to bring the lesson to life which include differentiated worksheets, answer sheets, games and a glossary tailored to each of the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh curriculums.

This fantastic collection of resources incorporate recognisable Beano characters and highly interactive content, including games and activities that make the topic both relatable and fun. We hope your pupils not only learn a huge amount from these resources but also that they give them the confidence to manage money both now and in the future.