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Primary pupil baking dough, popular primary DT resources

Invent, design and build with these creative DT projects   

Design and technology lessons offer pupils the chance to learn new skills, experiment with different ideas and create carefully-designed products. Here, we’ve selected a few of the most imaginative DT resources the Tes community has to offer.

Design technology



I compiled this booklet for Year 5's unit on moving toys using cams. You can change the individual pages depending on what topic you are doing that term - we made ours with an Egyptian theme this year. This can be photocopied on seperate sheets I am not sure that the fonts I have used will be embe...
Puppet design booklet

Puppet design booklet

A booklet for children to use during the process of designing and making puppets, a design criteria sheet, a Power Point of different puppets and a Smart Notebook file about designing puppets. AND a series of lesson plans (these are from when i did GTP) Other topic covered: Clothes and fabric
Rocket Mice: STEM Activity
Science Museum Learning

Rocket Mice: STEM Activity

In this activity you can make a paper mouse hit the ceiling using forces and the power of air. The objective of this lesson is to squeeze air through a small opening which gives it enough force to move objects.

Food technology

A ppt presentation of a simple bread recipe

A ppt presentation of a simple bread recipe

This is a great resource for: -shared reading -input activity for instructional writing I used this as part of a Little Red Hen topic - we read this, then we baked bread in the afternoon. The children enjoyed it and learned a lot of new vocabulary.