Primary maths: Addition and subtraction

Make sure that adding up and subtracting is a breeze for your KS1 and KS2 pupils with this selection of lesson resources

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Child Counting On Their Fingers With Addition & Subtraction Sums In The Background

Tried-and-tested addition and subtraction resources you can use in the classroom with your primary pupils

Whether your students are using their fingers, counters or mental arithmetic to add and subtract, taking the time to cement their understanding is essential at this time of year. To help your class grasp the basics, we've done the hard work for you and found some of the very best addition and subtraction resources that the Tes community have to offer. So, what are you waiting for? 

Addition and Subtraction Mastery Activities     Year 1
Andrew Long

Addition and Subtraction Mastery Activities Year 1

Click the link below for the complete Year 1 resource pack (all 21 objectives) **[Year 1 Maths Mastery Pack](** These are a range of activities/tasks to demonstrate mastery and develop deeper thinking and deeper under...
Year 2 - Block 2  Addition and  Subtraction

Year 2 - Block 2 Addition and Subtraction

I have created 50 worksheets linked to the Small Steps Guidance for White Rose Maths Block 2: Addition and Subtraction. All the worksheets fit with the small steps. I will be using these when I deliver to my Year 2 class. I have produced them all in Sassoon Primary styled font. I have...
Year 2 addition and subtraction maze problem

Year 2 addition and subtraction maze problem

Year 2 Maths objective: add and subtract a two-digit number and ones/a two-digit number and tens. A fun activity to practise these objectives to solve a simple problem. I also used this with my lower-ability Year 3s. Could be adapted for different year groups and also for multiplication/division. Co...
Year 5 - Addition & Subtraction

Year 5 - Addition & Subtraction

White Rose Maths is pleased to announce its premium purposeful practice resources. These resources are available for one off purchase through the TES or as part of individual and school subscription packages on our own site These one off purchases are aimed at sc...
Addition and Subtraction - Year 6

Addition and Subtraction - Year 6

Addition and Subtraction - Year 6 This Year 6 maths teaching resource includes a PowerPoint and differentiated worksheets for independent learning, to guide your class through using addition and subtraction to solve calculations and multi-step problems as per the curriculum objectives of the Year 6...