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29th January 2020
Girl looking at maths multiplication and division question on the board and thinking. Resources to help with multiplication and division.

Avoid muddles with multiplication and drama when dividing using these comprehensive resources

Finding new and engaging ways to teach bread-and-butter topics can be a struggle, but every teacher knows that students need to grasp the basics and feel confident before moving on to trickier concepts. Keep things interesting with this hand-picked selection of resources including long division and multiplication worksheets, questions and acitvities.

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Resources for multiplication

From how to do long multiplication mastery questions and lessons to multiplication games and posters, take a look at this selection of resources from the Tes community.

Multiplication Number Lines - 2s, 5s, 10s

This pack has been UPDATED

2’s - pair of socks, two pence coins and number 2 Numicon Shape
5’s - one hand, five pence coins and * number 5 Numicon Shape*
10’s - two hands, ten pence coing and number 10 Numicon Shape

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By FunkyPhonics

Multiplication Activity: Multiplication Mazes

Multiplication Activity - Multiplication Maze Bundle - 8 Pack!

This fun packed bundle includes eight multiplication mazes with answers. Each maze also has a blank template to allow students to create their own math mazes. These are great to use as early finisher activities, bell ringers, or math warm-ups.

Each maze has intersections which have multiplication problems - but only the intersection which give certain answers can be traveled through.

The Mazes are as follows;
1. Stone Guardian Maze - Find the right path.
2. Ant Maze - Save the queen ant.
3. Island Madness - Find the way through deserted islands to the city.
4. Hidden Temple - Navigate the black forest to the hidden temple!
5. Leprechaun - Help the Leprechaun find his pot of gold!
6. Haunted House - Save the princess from the haunted house.
7. Spaceship Maze - Find your way through the spaceship to stop the aliens
8. Labyrinth - Can you escape the labyrinth?
By WaterfallLearning

KS2: Long and Short Multiplication - Worksheet Generator

Thousands of worksheets at the press of a button! This a set of worksheet generators for all long and short multiplication objectives in KS2. Each Excel spreadsheet provides you with well-designed and thought out worksheets that can be randomised by the push of a button, so that no two sheets are the same. Each spreadsheet provides answers for the random worksheets, are differentiated (where possible) and set up for easy printing. The sheets can be used for early bird activities, class work, homework, revision or reinforcement. All you need to do is randomise and print! This resource is a "must have" for all KS2 teachers and is a massive TIME SAVER!

Objectives covered in this resource pack:

LO: Multiply numbers mentally, drawing upon known facts
LO: Multiply two-digit and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number using formal written layout
LO: Multiply numbers up to 4 digits by a one- or two-digit number using a formal written method, including long multiplication for two-digit numbers
LO: Multiply one-digit numbers with up to 2 decimal places by whole numbers
LO: Multiply multi-digit numbers up to 4 digits by a two-digit whole number using the formal written method of long multiplication

Other worksheet generator packs are available:

Comparing, Ordering & Rounding
Column Addition & Subtraction
Short Division
Times Tables

Or why not buy them all in this discounted bundle:

Worksheet Generators - Bundle
By Andrew Long

Year 2 Multiplication Input

Powerpoint lesson input for Year 2 following White Rose Block 4 Small Steps guidance. Varied fluency activities to begin with, followed by True or False and Odd One Out reasoning questions.

By jos77

Multiplication Mastery Questions

Get the brains of your students whirring with these Mastery focused Mutliplication Questions. This pack contains 3 posters covering the times tables from 1x1 to 12x12 asking:

  • Always, Sometimes or Never?
  • What do you notice?
  • What is the Same? What is Different?
    Can students make their own posters using A3 paper and coloured pens to show off their times tables knowledge?
    Can they make a poster of things that are always the same, sometimes the same, or never the same?
    Use these posters as brain teasers, warm ups, or inspiration for a creative maths lesson.
By PropellerEducation

Multiplication Dice Games

Multiplication Dice Games include 15 game boards! You only need 2 dice, game pieces, and players. Just print and play! All games use 2 dice with the factors 1-6. The game boards are fun and engaging to motivate students to practice their multiplication facts!

If you are teaching beginning multiplication or just need games to reinforce multiplication facts 1-6, this is the download for you.

15 Dice Games Include:
Bubble Math (2 game boards)
Balloon Multiplication
Multiplication at the Beach
Array Bingo Game
Array Game
Race to the Top
Multiplication Race
Multiplication Bingo
Multiplication Buzz
Multiplication Yatzee
Roll Em’
Dice Game
Multiplication Rollers

Also included: Multiplication Table and a Strategy Poster to help struggling students with their multiplication facts.

By teacherstakeout

Resources for division

From the bus stop method and long division questions to board games and activities, why not try one of these division resources below?

The Bus Stop method powerpoint

A powerpoint showing the bus stop method for division. Ideal for KS2 and KS3 students.
By bcooper87

Division Board Game

Three differentiated levels of a division board game. Games one and two are most suitable for children who are solving divisions using the grouping method, and the highest level (game 3) is appropriate for children who are confident using short division. It was designed to be used with year 3/4, but it could be adapted for any age, and the numbers changed to create addition/subtraction/multiplication problems.
By Cat In The Hat

Division by sharing worksheets

Worksheets concentrating on division using sharing, There are two sheets to suit different ability groups. The second sheet includes a number of multiplication and division word problems as well as money problems for higher attaining children.
By flicktrimming

Long Division Y6 Free Taster

Free Taster of

which has many more pages of differentiated challenges and activities plus answers, plus presentations and flip cards.
By Roger Hall

Division Questions

This resources is differentiated for my Year 6 level 3 (c-a) class. One the first day we used the questions to practice dividing . On day two we applied our skills to division word problems. I took example from SATs papers so they get used to the format.
By lucylu292

Short division differentiated worksheet

A differentiated worksheet on short division. Includes word problems
By mathspotato2

Long division

This resource is aimed upper key stage 2/key stage 3 providing a step by step guide to long division using the standard method.
By greenAPL

Division I Have Who Has Game

Its an oldie but a goodie! I have, who has is a favourite with my kids. The reason this resource came into being is because we lost a few of the cards I have had for years and years and our game was kaput. Thus my fresh, new and colourful card game helping us to learn our math facts with multiplication and division. Use it for small guided math groups or centres activities. Perfect for 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade students. Try these out for FREE!

The multiplication cards in my store are an entire class set, with 36 cards showing multiples and factors to practice our multiplication tables up to 10s.
Besides the usual way of playing it across the class, we have been timing ourselves to see how our fluency is developing and improving each week. The kids absolutely LOVE this competition that they have with themselves.

These can of course, also be used for small guided math groups and math centres activities.
For those of you who aren't as old as I am (!), I have included teacher instructions too. 


Susan Powers
By Susan Powers

Resources for both

Year 1- multiplication and division teaching slides- white rose style

For those following white rose, we have made teaching slides for fluency and reasoning- Year 1, summer term, multiplication and division (block 1).

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By closingthegapltd

Maths: Multiplication and Division Worksheet

Beat the Clock game. Excellent starter, especially if you want them to settle down really quick, I normally put 10 minutes on the stop watch. They then have to complete the questions as quickly as possible they then mark down the time they finish and as a class we mark them. Pupils can try and improve their score and time each time. You can easily change it so it can include decimals to make it more challenging.
By mad80

Multiplication & Division Puzzles

Included in this pack are 9 multiplication puzzles and 9 division puzzles to practise times tables for x2 to x10

How to use:
Simply print the sheets, laminate so they last longer and then cut the hexagons. Students are to then join the hexagons together using multiplication or division facts. The final shape should make a ‘flower’ shape with a hexagon in the middle and 6 around the outside.

These differentiated puzzles can be used in any spare 5-10 minutes. As an early morning consolidation activity or as even as an extension activity for early finishers.

These puzzles cover the NC Programme of Study:
Yr 2 - Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including recognising odd and even numbers
Yr 3 - Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables
Yr 4 - Recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12

You might be interested in my other multiplication products:
Error Analysis / Spot the Mistake Task Cards for Multiplication in Yr 5 & 6
Error Analysis / Spot the Mistake Task Cards for Multiplication in Yr 3 & 4
Mastering Multiplication Times Tables Printable & Foldable Tests
By Littlesherbetlemon

Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100, 1000

This resource doesn’t ask students to multiply or divide, instead it gives the students the answer and asks them to work out what is happening.
By Mentor4Maths

Multiplication and Division Wheels - lift the flap

Multiplication and Division wheels for the x1 to x12 facts.

A great ‘craftivity’ to help your students learn and practise the instant recall of their multiplication and division facts.

How to make:
♦ colour / decorate
♦ cut out the two wheels and along the dotted lines between the numbers
♦ glue the top and bottom wheels together (in the centre only)
♦ fold back the flaps
♦ write the answers under the flaps
♦ ready to use!

Two formats:
♦ with a robot graphic.
♦ plain so your students can decorate and personalise their own wheel.

♦ 12 multiplication wheels with a robot graphic.
♦ 12 multiplication wheels without a graphic.
♦ 12 division wheels with a robot graphic.
♦ 12 division wheels without a graphic.
♦ Instruction sheet.

Designed on A4 size paper.

The font used is ‘NZ Basic Script’. The number shapes are the same as those recommended in the NZ Ministry of Education Handbook – ‘Teaching Handwriting’.


© Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
By swelch_resources

Multiplication Division and Tables Resource Pack for Year 4

21 worksheets plus a leaflet that can be given to parents explaining the approaches taken to multiplication and division at KS2.

Multiplication by 10 and 100
Division by 10 and 100
Multiplication and Division by 0, 1, 10, 100
Multiplication and Division to two decimal places
Multiplication 1
Multiplication 2
Quick-fire Multiplication!
Multiplication and Division: Problem solving

11 & 9 x table
6 & 12 x tables
7 x table
Dividing by 11 & 9
Dividing by 7
Dividing by 6 & 12
Times Tables Problem Solving
Times Tables Test (i)
Times Tables Test (ii)

With the Year 3 Pack this gives complete coverage of the National Curriculum requirements.
By Mathsright

Looking for multiplication tables check resources? Take a look at our collection of teacher resources, practice questions, revision aids and games and quizzes.

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