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04th March 2020
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Prepare your Year 2 pupils for their upcoming tests with these hand-picked resources

On the hunt for engaging ways to recap the key objectives in reading, Spag and maths ahead of the KS1 tests? Then, look no further than this quality assured collection of revision lessons, games and practice questions in our primary national tests collection. We’ve done the hard work of gathering together the very best of the Tes community to make your lives easier this term.

Reading resources

Year 2 reading assessment without levels

Use this resource to assess reading under the Curriculum 2014. I have placed the same test with the old QCA mark scheme on here also, if you still need to use the old system. This identifies whether the children are working at where they should be or above.

Using the 'Dexter and Dood - superhero' series of books 'H2O no armbands needed'


Book available in an instant download from kindle
By hilly100m

Low ability reading comprehension

I have a very low ability year 2 English set (most children below level 2) and I really struggled to find reading comprehension suitable for them so I made these. They are very low level but worked well for my children approaching Level 1. Hope you find them useful!
By jh09lg1

Year 2 Reading Comprehension - Microhabitats - Science

A FREE resource from Blossoming Minds!

This resource is a non-fiction comprehension booklet aimed at year 2. It is all about microhabitats and looks at the definition of a microhabitat, followed by a short look at three focus microhabitats. Perfect to cover the English and Science curriculum.

The booklet is based on the KS1 SATs reading paper and includes 3 differentiated levels and answers.

The PDF booklets are all in a zip file.

Find many more great value comprehensions and many more resources at: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/blossomingminds

By Blossoming Minds

Key Stage 1 Reading 2018 SATs Question Level Analysis (QLA)

An easy to use Excel Spreadsheet to analyse the reading test scores from the 2018 KS1 SATs though Question Level Analysis (QLA). Both Papers 1 and 2 are analysed. Will highlight students’ areas of strength and weaknesses in key reading areas including: drawing on knowledge of vocabulary to understand texts; identifying and explaining key aspects of fiction and non-fiction texts, such as characters, events, titles and information; identifying and explaining the sequence of events in texts; and making inferences from texts. Simply add the students’ names and their scores and the spreadsheet will update and produce graphs.

By hgj11myu

Year 2 Common Exception Words Snakes And Ladders Games

Year 2 Common Exception Words Snakes And Ladders Games: A series of 13 Snakes and Ladders game boards to aid recognition of all the Year 2 Common Exception Words. This product is also available for Phonics Phases 2-5 inclusive and Y1 & Y2 Common Exception Words.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website www.teachersvault.co.uk
By Helen Rachel Crossley

Year 2 SATs What Am I Riddle

Explanatory PowerPoint for short writing SATs task 'What am I?&'. Example poster included and two blank templates for children to record their work.
By joelroutledge

Spelling, punctuation and grammar resources

Spelling Activity Matrix: 42 Ideas for your weekly spelling words

This evergreen resource will come in handy for fresh ideas for students to use their spelling words more effectively and creatively.

The matrix is built on Blooms Taxonomy and addresses all areas in simple to understand language for students of all ages.

Best of all it's completely Free!!! A review and Follow would be greatly appreciated
By Innovativeteachingideas

Low ability reading comprehension

I have a very low ability year 2 English set (most children below level 2) and I really struggled to find reading comprehension suitable for them so I made these. They are very low level but worked well for my children approaching Level 1. Hope you find them useful!
By jh09lg1

SATs Grammar Practice Year 2

SATs style grammar questions for children to practise . Can be used as starters, plenaries, homework or independent morning/afternoon activities.
Pack 1 includes the following:
Sentence Types

Visit www.goodstuffprimaryresources.com to access further resources.
By gsprimaryeducation

Grammar and Punctuation Questions similar to the 2016 Sample Test Paper

Grammar and punctuation questions questions designed to look the same as those in the official 2016 sample paper.
The look, difficulty and style of the questions are as close to the sample paper as I could manage.
Personally I have been giving these to my Year 2 children as a lesson starter, two questions a day, then going through them with the class as soon as they have handed them in. Hopefully to prepare them for the actual test and also to use as extra evidence to assist in my teacher assessment.
There is a video on YouTube aimed at children, that walks through these questions and how to answer them. The video can be found by a QR code on the sheets and the URL is on the last page (so it does not appear on the question sheets you may wish to use in class). We have found that putting the file and link to the video on our school website has been appreciated by our parents.
I am creating extra sets of questions each week so keep checking for the next set.
By Mark Brock

Maths resources

Year 2 Maths TAF Busy Book 2017-18

An activity booklet with a page of each questions for each Teacher Assessment Framework in Maths for end of KS1. Available in cursive and non-cursive.

By The Primary Hut

2016 KS1 Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic - questions and answers).

This is a sample paper that I have created to help you revise for the new 2016 SATs.
This is a sample from the full paper one pack and SATs maths bundle.

Updated 14/03/2016 included amended answers in Sample A Answers file.

The paper has been created based on the sample paper released by the STA UK.

Please see full packs of a papers 1 and 2 in my shop:

SATs bundle
By Top Marks Teaching Resources

KS1 SATS 2016 Arithmetic Sample B PowerPoint - Whole class SATS revision

This PowerPoint is designed to accompany our 'Arithmetic Sample B Paper' and can be used as a whole class or peer marking tool. It can also be used as a teaching tool for small groups of children or a whole class to familiarise children with the test.

Each slide shows each test question in turn with a clue at the top - providing the teacher or tutor with somewhere to write to demonstrate to the children how the test question can be tackled.

You could also use this PowerPoint as a plenary tool, whereby children complete a question every day or as a peer marking tool whereby children come out to the whiteboard and show their peers how they have tackled the question.

Whilst this resource is free to use, the test paper accompanying this PowerPoint can be purchased from our premium resources for just £1!

Thanks and your feedback is always welcome. Any problems or questions, please contact office@tutortastic.co.uk.

KS2 SATS resources also available in a similar format.
By Tutortastic

KS1 2017 SATs Maths Gap Analysis Grid (including tests and conversion tables) - SATs Prep

These are excel spreadsheets Gap Analysis documents for the 2017 Year Two SATs Papers for Maths .

The sheet totals up the scores automatically and each child’s final score changes colour to reflect their ability.

If their total score for a subject goes green, it means they would have passed the 2017 SATs with that score. If it goes Green with a yellow font, it means that child would have achieved a ‘More Able’ score for that tested subject.

I have also included an instructions and document page, linking to a freely available copy of each test, mark scheme and instructions. Additionally, I have included a link to the conversion tables from RAW Score to Scaled Score.

All a teacher has to do is enter their children’s names and enter the 0’s, 1’s, 2’s or 3’s for each question, which also change colour too for a visual reference. I recommend that a teacher should enter ‘N’ if a child did not attempt that question. This gives an idea of who is not even attempting certain questions, not just whether they got the question wrong.

The sheets are set up for 32 pupils but more can be added/deleted and instructions are on the first page/sheet. Some cells are locked/protected in this document but the parts that you need to insert yourself are editable. This is so that the formulas/algorithms do not break and render the spreadsheet’s functionalities as broken.

I take requests for Gap Analysis Grids. Please leave feedback if you like this resource as I am planning to produce more for each SATs paper going forward, as well as CGP Practice Papers.

Please remember to rate this resource as I made this to save teachers time. Thank-you.

By GalvaniseEDU

KS1 Year 2 Maths SATs style papers (A+B)

This resource contains two sets of arithmetic and reasoning Year 2 SATs style papers with answers. The papers are based on past questions and have a similar layout to a SATs paper. There are 52 arithmetic and 64 reasoning problems in total.

The papers are labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’ because Blossoming Minds have created different SATs style papers (A to D). Please see the link below for more practice papers.


No further preparation needed.

By Blossoming Minds

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